Challenge Rules

Please make sure to follow these rules when you play along with us here at 52CCT:

  • We are a Christmas CARD challenge - please post only Christmas or Winter-related cards and just cards,  no tags, bags or gifts.

  • Please mention 52 Christmas Card Throwdown in your post and provide a link so that others can join our challenge too.

  • Please link to your blog post and NOT your entire blog.

  • Your project must be new - no back links please.

  • The challenge will close at midnight GMT/7:00 pm Eastern time on Friday.

  • You may combine this challenge with up to 10 other challenges.

  • Please turn off word verification so that we may comment on your card more easily.  We realize a lot of you use it for safety reasons. We do our best to leave comments for each of our challenge participants, however, trying to figure out those letters and numbers can be very frustrating! We strongly suggest using comment moderation as a friendlier alternative.

  • We would love you to add our blog button to your blog's sidebar.

Thanks for joining our challenge


  1. Can enter your challenges only once per challenge? Just want to make sure I am clear on that. Thanks.

  2. Just to be clear, do the cards have to be Christmas themed? I didn't see that in the rules, however, since that appears to be what is submitted, I am assuming so. Thanks

  3. Hi Angela. Yes this is a Christmas card only challenge site. It's funny to me that I never noticed that we don't say that specifically in the rules. I thought our challenge name kind of took care of that - but it's a great point and we will add that.

    I hope you decide to join us. Hugs D

  4. Hi admin - I am a newbie - do our cards/projects have to be made with solely Stampin' Up 'stuff' and do they have to be current? xx

  5. Hi Christine - you can use whatever you like as long as it's Christmas and you make a card - hope this helps! - Jacqueline xx

  6. It's not clear to me how many entries in each challenge I may submit? Thanks!

  7. Hi Ginny,

    you may enter a challenge as many times as you wish. I am looking forward to see your creations. Happy crafting, Tanja.

  8. I wanted to start joining in on the challenges. I just saw the sketch challenge and did a card. but I read the rules. am I too late for that one? i think I read they end on Friday? if i understand that correctly? I am referring to the one from Nov 7th

  9. Hi Netta,
    You're welcome to make cards for any of our challenges at any time. However, in order for your card to be included in the design team's voting for weekly honors, you must link your card to the challenge post before the challenge closes. Our challenges end at 7:00 p.m. Eastern U.S. time on Fridays.
    I hope this answers your question. We look forward to seeing what you create!

  10. Hello: I just found your Christmas Challenge Blog when I went to leave a comment on a card at another challenge blog.
    My question is: Can I combine your color or sketch challenges with other Christmas challenges? For example, use your sketch challenge with a theme or color challenge or your color challenges with another Christmas sketch or theme challenge?
    Just wanted to make sure, I love Christmas Challenges because at the end of the year, I have a great stash of pretty cards to send out to family and friends.
    Thank you, I can't wait to join in!!!
    Big Hugs,
    Maria Rodriguez.

  11. Hi Maria,
    Yes, that is fine! As long as the card fits the current challenge requirements we are more than happy for you to use previous sketches, themes or colour combinations for inspiration. We just ask that your entry is a card, not a tag or 3D item, and that it is Christmas or winter themed. We are delighted that you will be joining us! April x

  12. I am interested in completing the current challenges to be considered for DT. (Just submitted to your Theme- Critters!) However, I do not have a blog. Is that a requirement?

  13. Hi Kathy, yes I think it probably is I'm afraid. We also do all our admin via a Blogger blog. I am a complete technophobe, but I do enjoy having a blog. It's my own little creative space and I can definitely recommend it!

  14. Also Kathy, if you are no. 7 on the Critters Challenge, I am getting a webpage not found message when I click on the link :-(

  15. Hi Kathy - further to April's responses - I've just tried to get to entry #7 and found a dead link too. I think you've posted your card on your Flickr account, but I can't find you. I've done a quick search on Flickr and there are lots of Kathys!!

    I do think you need to have a blog to be on the team. As April says, all our admin is done via an Admin blog. Hope this helps.

    You could set up a blog - they're very easy! Deborah, DT.

  16. Thanks Deborah and April. Setting up a blog is on my bucket list. Just not sure if it will happen anytime in the near future! I was having trouble with my Flickr account and your comments show that I need to find another option. Will work on that and hope to post to your challenges in the near future. I am a year-round Christmas person so this is such a great chance to celebrate year round! Thanks again for your kind responses. Stay tuned!

  17. Hello, me again! I now have a blog so will be entering challenges in the near future! Here is the link if you want to stop by.

  18. Hello, I am wondering if I can list few card on one blog post, or should I make of every card new one? Thank you and have a nice day!

    1. You can do it that, but only one card in the post will be rated, will be selected,
      namely the one is the login picture on the InLinkz link.