Wednesday, 27 March 2013

March Theme Honors

Thank you for all your animal themed Christmas cards, I was  a little worried after our shaky start with the 'no birds' rule, but  we saw lots of different animals in festive spirit, not only reindeer, and they were all beautiful and perfect for the challenge.
How do you choose between mice and bears, reindeer and dogs, cats and hedgehogs? Well, we had to, and our top honor was a clear winner this week, with an extraordinarily adorable, mousey holiday card..

Top Honor

Voting was very close for all the others and I can now reveal our...

Honorable Mentions
In numerical order

Don't forget, this week's challenge is in full swing and we would love to see lots more cards with beautiful ribbons and bows. We always leave comments on your entries so please keep your cards coming and keep us busy! There will also be a new challenge on Saturday and, as it is the extra 5th Saturday in March, it will be something a little bit different -so check back here then. Until then, happy crafting!


  1. Emma's card is certainly GORGEOUS and a big well done to her and to Meg, SueB, Marybeth, Brenda and Rocky too


  2. Ooh thank you so much for the Honourable Mention what a lovely surprise!! :-))

    Big Congratulations to all the Winners!!!

    Big hugs
    Sue xx

  3. Congrats everyone! Animals was a fun challenge! Thanks so much for the Honorable Mention!