Saturday 30 November 2019

New Design Team Members

Good morning! 

 Today we are pleased to welcome the NEW Ladies in

The new Ladies are:
A.Rose, AndrejaM, Becca and Majda.
Let the Ladies introduce themselves:

From the age of two, I have always had an instrument of art in my hand. It started with crayons and never stopped. I was signed up to art school after graduation from nursing school but met my hubby and that led me down a different path. I have been rubber stamping for over 45 years. Back then I was only able to find stamps and ink pads in the local drug store. I had my youngest, born with Down’s Syndrome, and stayed home where I began teaching online. After my boys were in school I started working in craft and stamp stores, sadly all now closed. I have been teaching card crafting as well as other crafts for 12 years in the library system. I love to share my “talents” that God gave me with others.

I am the perfect mix of loving creative mom and meticulous innovative dad who taught me to look at things and situations from at least two points of view. I live on the outskirts of the Barje National park in the heart of Slovenia. My days are full of such and other surprises prepared by my wonderful teenage daughter, a very unique puppy and a wonderful partner who supports my imagination and hobbies. I create always and everywhere, but I prefer to start with white paper and leave my marks on it with various techniques and colors. That's why card making is my happy place.

Hi!, I'm Becca, a teacher, crafter, and blogger living in the USA heartland. Balancing the demands can be crazy at times but I love being creative. Since age 9, I've tried many different artistic and crafting mediums through school, 4-H club, YMCA classes, and supportive parents throughout childhood and teenage years. As an adult, I've loved expanding these into interior decorating and home décor. Wallpapering was even tackled multiple times! My greatest creative achievement has been constructing and sewing my wedding dress almost 24 years ago!! For the past 10 years, card-making has been my major paper-crafting format. I dabble in the others but love making cards to send to family and friends.

Hello, I am Majda and I live in Slovenia. I have been passionate about arts and crafts my whole life. I did not discover cardmaking until late 2015 and love every moment of it. It has been an amazing journey and I’m happy to be sharing it with you. So here I am, addicted to making cards which inspired me to try new techniques and styles of cards. Welcome to my creative corner!

We are so pleased to welcome them all to the Design Team.


  1. Welcome Welcome! So glad you can join us in 2020 and I can't wait until you share your talents with all of us!

  2. It's exciting to have you all here with your creative ideas. x

  3. Welcome Ladies :-))
    Looking forward to your gorgeous interpretation of all the Challenges!

  4. Dear ladies, thank you so much for inviting me to your creative group.
    I am very proud and looking forward to working with you all.
    The CCT blog is something special to me - I have grown a lot in the creative field with my involvement in your challenges so far. You have repeatedly pulled me out of my comfort zone :-)
    Congratulations to A Rose, Andreja and Becca. I'm sure they rejoice as I do :-)
    Hugs, Majda

  5. Welcome, ladies! Thank you for agreeing to serve on the Team to inspire us with your beautiful works of art! Hugs, Darnell

  6. Hey Majda, great seeing you here as a new DT member1 Have fun!
    Lia xx

  7. Welcome girls! Glad you're here!! I am looking forward to the creative time with you!
    Hugs, Rosi

  8. Thank you everyone for your welcoming words! I'm looking forward to this DT experience to stretch my skills for making Christmas cards throughout the year! I did more this past year but efforts were scattered, so this will be intense but hopefully a good kind of stretching in growth! :)